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Technical Help

Q What is the purchase process?
A 1. Click the ADD TO CART button on the lessons page -> goes to Paypal payment page.
  2. Either pay by credit card or Login to your existing Paypal account -> goes to Payment thankyou page.
  3. Click the button "Return to Richard Robinson" -> goes to Customer Download page.*
  *Occasionally this doesn't work, but just proceed to step 4 and check your email.
  4. Check your email inbox for email from (not from Paypal).
  5. Follow the instructions in the email (or the download page) to begin your download.
  If you have trouble with ANY of these steps just send me an email and I'll sort it out as quickly as possible.
  Software you will need to view the lesson:
Click here to download itunes - opens a new window.

When you purchase a lesson you will be able to download the lesson video file which will be named something like this:
You will need QuickTime Player to view the video lesson.

Q I've paid for download lessons but can't see the download page - what should I do?
A Check your email inbox and spam/bulk folders for an email from me.
Wait 5 minutes. Look again. No luck there? Send me an email.
Q I've downloaded the video file, but I'm having trouble opening it on my computer - what should I do?
A To view the Lesson Video named something like, you'll need a video viewing programme like QuickTime Player installed on your computer. Find the lessons file where the lesson has been downloaded onto your computer. Try right-clicking on the lesson file and choose 'Open With' > and look for QuickTime Player. If it's not there, click here to download QuickTime Player. Follow their download and installation instructions and then you should be able to view the lesson video.
A The download may have ended prematurely and you may have only PART of the video file, which will often cause it to not play at all, or only play that part which you have downloaded. Make sure that you have downloaded the complete video file by comparing the file sizes. To do this just right click on the file you have saved on your computer and select 'properties' or 'get info' and find the file size. It should be the same as the file size written on the download page for that file. If it's not the same, please try downloading it again. If the same thing happens more than 3 times, please follow the instructions on the download page to download by ftp. If THAT doesn't work for you, you will find instructions on that page showing you what to do next.
  Got some more questions? - Email them to me.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q   How long have you been painting? (you seem pretty young to be giving lessons.)
Q   What training have you had?
Q   What paints do you use?
Q   How long does it take you to do a painting?
Q   Is this a secure site for ordering?
Q   Can I share my video with friends, on internet video or file sharing sites?
Q   Moneyback Guarantee?
Q   How long have you been painting - you seem pretty young to be giving lessons?
A   I've been painting professionally since 2001. I trained for 4 years in graphic design and worked in that industry for 3 years, continuing my painting study in my spare time as I had since high school. After 3 years of working for someone else's dreams I decided to take the plunge and become a full time artist - I'm very glad I made that choice.
Q   What training have you had?
A   As an artist I'm mostly self taught in that I didn't go to a school of Fine Art. I don't regret that. In New Zealand the art schools seem to focus on conceptual art and exclude representational painting, which would likely have steered me away from the path my art has taken. I have like many painters nowadays sought out the advice and knowledge of other artists, whether in person, in instructional books and videos or online resources. I don't consider myself to be a 'Master Artist' yet, but one day I hope to be.
Q   What paints do you use?
A   I use Archival Oils from Chroma in Australia. They're of very high quality and have the advantage of permanent flexibility, which means they won't crack over time like other oils, even when you paint thickly over semi-dry layers. They also have a very low toxicity rating which was the first reason I changed to this brand.
Q   How long does it take you to do a painting?
A   I usually paint with a 'wet in wet' technique which is encourages fast painting and fluid brushwork. A large (1mx1m) painting of average complexity will generally not take longer than a week to complete in this style.
Q   Is this a secure site for ordering?
A   Yes. When entering your credit card information to make a purchase, your credit data is secured using PayPal's VeriSign Secured transaction process. PayPal is one of the most trusted providers of online payment processing on the Internet. Your full credit card number is never stored on our servers.
Q   Can I share my video with friends, on internet video or file sharing sites?
A   No. I would appreciate it if you didn't. Months of work have gone into these lessons and sharing these files with your friends is stealing from me. I have priced these lessons very cheaply so that everyone can afford to purchase them. These videos are protected by copyright law of course, but hey, I'm not going to take anyone to court over it (unless they start selling loads of my videos), so just let your conscience guide you.
Q   Moneyback Guarantee?
A   If you are unhappy with the lesson and didn't think it was worth the money just let me know within 30 days of purchase and I'll give you a full refund - no questions asked.
    Got some more questions? - Email them to me.

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